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Weibo glass fiber production line completed

News International-French

14 Nov 2013

Recently, Sichuan Weibo New Material Group Co. Ltd (Sichuan, Weibo) seventh phase project site was bustling. Sichuan Weibo annual output 50000 tons alkali free glass fiber production line ignited successfully.

The construction of this annual output 50000 tons alkali free glass fiber production line is aiming at the market growing demand to further improve the company’s business development. The project uses the global leading unit kiln furnace technology including access system, DCS control system, pure oxygen combustion system, and electric assisted system.

The batching, melting, drawing and other process technical parameters have realized centralized automation control. Over 1000 sets of equipments have been installed including the new platinum bushing, wire drawing machine, drying room, infiltration agent system, water softening system and other major equipment.

The project has a total building area of 31000 square meters, with an annual output capacity of 50000 tons of alkali free glass fiber. The product technology and quality have reached the domestic advanced level in line with the relevant provisions of environmental protection, fire protection, security, in accordance with China.

The project has a total investment of 450 million Yuan (US$ 74.10 million), including fixed assets investment of 398 million Yuan (US$ 66.63 million) and 52 million (US$ 8.67 million) floating capital.

The project was officially launched in March last year. After the project put into production, the annual sales income will reach 473 million Yuan and the profit margin is expected to realize 70 million Yuan (US$ 11.67 million). The project export volume will reach up to 20 million US$.

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