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Weifang 6MW marine wind power turbine installed and connected to power grid

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11 Feb 2013

Recently, 6MW marine wind turbine units designed, researched, and developed by Guodian United Power Technology (Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. was successfully installed and connected to the power grid in Shandong Weifang wind field.

At present, there are wind power companies such as Guodian United Power, Zhongfu Lianzhong, Titan Metal, CS Wind and a number of other leading in Lianyungang City. The have formed a wind power industry chain of wind turbine, wind blade, wind tower, and other relative industry.

Under today shrinking international wind power market, China wind power companies have focused on the domestic market to ensure enough business for the company’s survival and development.

The 6 MW offshore wind turbine installed this time is the high-power wind turbine independently developed by Guodian United Power, which is currently the largest single power wind turbine.

"Rather than traditional FRP material, it has been chosen the high strength and high modulus carbon fiber composites"

Technically, the unit has applied a compact structure, which can effectively reduce the overall unit weight. At the same time, the model also has its own variable pitch function control system. This system can effectively reduce the non-uniform load of the large MW wind turbine, so as to better adapt to the requirements of electric power grid.

The turbine unit 66.5 meters wind blade is also developed by Guodian United Power. It is china currently longest wind blade with largest wind blow area. The wind blades wind energy diameter has reached 136 meters, and the wind blow area is equivalent to 2 standard football field.

In choosing the wind blade materials, this blade does not choose the traditional FRP material. Rather, it has chosen the high strength and high modulus carbon fiber composites. This unique design made an innovation in China wind blade manufacturing processed, which improved the wind turbine productivity, and decreased the unit load.

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