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A wet chemical surface treatment for stronger adhesive bonding

News International-French

28 Aug 2015

Oxford Advanced Surfaces launches an adhesion promoter for improving the bond strength between materials that are bonded with polyurethane and epoxy adhesives.

SB1050 is a wet chemical surface treatment that is designed for application by brush and is based on the company’s proprietary Onto surface modification technology.

Dr. Jon-Paul Griffiths, Technology Manager at Oxford Advanced Surfaces, explained “Materials like plastics and composites are often difficult to bond, especially with the increase in the use of non-solvent based adhesives. Onto SB1050 prepares the surface of the material to make it more compatible with the adhesive, and we have demonstrated the improvement in bond strength on nylon 6,6, CFRP, HDPE ad other advanced materials.”

The development of this technology comes at an opportune time for many industries, such as automotive, that are looking to use reinforced plastic composites and other advanced materials to reduce weight in vehicles. Bonding is crucial to product performance in many components, both for structural and semi-structural applications, and manufacturers are running into several challenges when it comes to joining dissimilar materials. In order to ensure good adhesion, some type of surface preparation is often necessary.

CEO, Philip Spinks, commented “What we offer is a simple and effective wet chemistry that will deliver your surface preparation requirements. It will replace hand sanding, do away with aromatic hydrocarbons, speed production, reduce capital investment and provide a permanent modification that has little or no time constraint on onward use.”

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