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A white low twist flax fabrics

News International-French

5 Aug 2015

Bcomp has developed a white version of its low twist flax fabrics called ampliTex SURF.

The latest in innovative technologies from Bcomp sees a range of natural fibre fabrics launched for the construction of surfboards, and other boards designed for water sports.

The ampliTex low twist fabrics can replace glass fibre fabrics traditionally used in surfboard construction or other complex composite parts. Due to the low density of natural fibres you can cut down the weight of the required reinforcement material by 30%. In combination with carbon composite parts, they offer a unique opportunity to simultaneously increase the strength and the damping properties by replacing some of the carbon fibre layers, thus increasing both the comfort and the safety for the end user.

A dark object absorbs all wavelengths of light and converts them into heat. The object - for example a surf board - gets hot and the applied surf wax is melting. To avoid this effect and to give the shaper more freedom in optical design options, Bcomp has developed a white version of the low twist flax fabrics - the ampliTex SURF.

Flax fibres are fully sustainable, making them the perfect choice for eco conscious surfers who want to ensure that pursuing their favourite hobby will have the smallest impact on the environment possible. Not only are surfboards made with these new technologies much lighter than a traditional surfboard, cutting the potential weight of the board by up to 30%, they are also wonderfully smooth and shock absorbing.

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