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Wichita State licenses aerospace simulation technology to local business

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25 Mar 2014

As a result of its recent focus on innovation, Wichita State University signed its first licensing agreement with a staff-owned business entity.

The agreement gives commercialization rights for aerospace simulation tools developed at the National Institute for Aviation Research to Vimotech, an independent company founded by Gerardo Olivares, senior research scientist and director of NIAR's Crash Dynamics and Computational Mechanics Laboratories.

Vimotech was established in order to commercialize virtual tools developed by Olivares, such as Virtual Bird Strike Testing Models. They specialize in product development of end-user agreement software packages for each of their virtual development tools.

The model used for the commercialization of Olivares' technology is one that John Tomblin, vice president of research and technology transfer at Wichita State, hopes others will follow.

"Gerardo's drive and determination for the technology he has developed is inspiring," said Tomblin. "We hope other researchers at the university can look at what he has done and envision the future of their research and technology innovations."

Wichita State's Strategic Plan includes a mission to accelerate the discovery, creation and transfer of new knowledge. The university has recently focused on identifying opportunities for invention disclosures; research and license agreements; start-up companies; and patent applications, and has already seen a 300 percent increase in invention disclosures from faculty and staff over the past 12 months.

The university's next goal is to create an Innovation Campus that will provide students, faculty, staff and the community with the resources necessary to translate ideas into new products and services.

"Our goal is to create a culture of innovation at Wichita State and provide researchers and entrepreneurs with a thriving innovation ecosystem," said Tomblin.

About Vimotech, L.L.C.:
Vimotech (Virtual Modeling Technologies) was established for the purpose of commercializing specific virtual tools such as virtual bird strike simulation models with the relevant intellectual property rights through a licensing agreement contract signed with Wichita State University. Vimotech, L.L.C. specializes in product development of end-user agreement software packages for each of its virtual development tools.

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