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Wichita State licenses Granta Design to utilize its NCAMP composite material database

News International-French

7 Nov 2014

The license agreement allows Granta Design to use National Center for Advanced Materials Performance’s comprehensive resource of composite design and test data in the Granta MI materials information management system.

National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP) data has been and will still be available through downloadable reports on the NCAMP website, but the agreement with Granta allows for the data to continue to be published in the user-friendly Granta MI software and includes additional in-depth data and quick access to data updates. Granta MI integration means that NCAMP data can be made available alongside a company’s own managed materials data and a comprehensive library of third party reference information.

Composite specification and design values developed using the NCAMP process are accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration and the European Aviation Safety Agency per FAA Memorandum AIR100-2010-120-003 and EASA Certification Memorandum CM-S-004.

Using NCAMP data is beneficial to aircraft manufacturers because instead of qualifying an entire material system, they can choose a system from the NCAMP database, prove equivalency and gain certification in a quicker and cheaper manner than a typical qualification approach. Material suppliers can work with NCAMP to qualify material systems without having to be linked to an ongoing aircraft certification program.

Users of Granta MI can utilize NCAMP data to compare with their own data and further build up their resources of composite test and design data, enabling comparison and analysis alongside in-house data, and thus faster and more reliable qualification of composite systems.

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