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Will C919 be the equivalent to Boeing or Airbus?

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21 Dec 2015

C919 large passenger aircraft is the direct competing aircraft with the best sell single channel aircraft that produced by both Airbus and Boeing, and the focus of the market strategy of both companies is just China.

During the C919 roll-off production line ceremony, COMAC has revealed the newest C919 purchasing order progress. By present, C919 large passenger aircraft has received a total order of 517 aircrafts from 21 customers mostly from China.

In which, 7 Chinese airliners including Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, and Hainan Airline has placed orders for a total of 135 C919 aircrafts. More orders are coming from airplane leasing companies both from home and abroad including CIBC Leasing, China Aircraft Leasing, and GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS).

From the C919 ordering situation, the current customers are mainly coming from China as well where Boeing and Airbus have been marketing their machine intensively in the past years and the years to come. In the aviation industry, people call the three companies Airbus, Boeing, and the new COMAC as aviation ABC, and these three companies will write another story of aircraft industry starting from China soon.

According to COMAC aircraft market forecast, in the future 20 years, the single channel jet-propelled passenger aircraft delivery amount will reach over 21200 with a total value of 1.9 trillion US$, in which the Chinese market will absorb 3602 such aircrafts with a value of 321 billion US$. COMAC hope to take one third of the total Chinese single channel jet-propelled market in 10 to 20 years.

In addition to the development of C919, China is also working on the other civilian aircrafts including turbofan regional aircraft, turboprop regional aircraft, single channel large passenger aircrafts, double channel large passenger aircrafts, and complete the research and development of large passenger aircraft engine within 10 years of time.

China and Russia new long distance wide body passenger aircraft joint base research and development project initial feasibility study is undergoing. At present, Russian Unite Aircraft Corporation has signed a cooperation memorandum with COMAC, all the beforehand research and study is taken place in COMAC Beijing Aircraft Technology Research Center.

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