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Wind power status in Russia and the CIS countries regional wind power market and potential

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19 Dec 2012

The World Wind Energy Association has published today a new report about the status of wind power in Russia and all CIS countries. The CIS countries are representing a world region with huge wind potentials, but where so far wind energy plays only a marginal role: The total wind installations have only reached 178 MW, a very small share of the global wind capacity of 254’000 MW (as of June 2012).

The CIS Report highlights the huge economic and social potentials and provides a comprehensive overview of the situation in the CIS countries. It aims at contributing to kick-start the deployment of wind technology in the region by providing information and by raising awareness amongst decision-makers from within and outside the region, amongst governments, industry as well as academia. 



The full CIS Report includes the following chapters:

The Commonwealth of Independent States: An Overview
Assessment of Regional Wind Potential 
Country Reports:
- Armenia
- Azerbaijan
- Belarus
- Georgia
- Kazakhstan
- Kyrgyzstan
- Moldova
- Russia
- Tajikistan
- Turkmenistan
- Ukraine
- Uzbekistan
Analysis: Common Trends, Shared Problems
Recommendations: Paving the Way to Sustainable Energy Supply

The full version of the CIS Report has 155 pages and can be ordered for 80 € / 60 € (for WWEA members) at the WWEA online bookshop: