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Windform 3D printing materials used in space

News International-French

29 Feb 2016

Sponsored news - Additive manufacturing with Windform laser sintering materials are taking 3D Printing to the next level

Windform powder has been utilized to create performing parts for Space. Windform laser sintering materials have been used in the construction of the main structure of a CubeSat called PrintSat.

This project has demonstrated the effectiveness of additive manufacturing and the Windform XT 2.0 as a structural material for space applications. Windform has passed outgassing tests at NASA and ESA. Several 3D printed parts have been built ready to be launched into orbit. For example stators and retaining rings have been realized in Windform LX 2.0and Windform XT 2.0for a space customer. These two rings have been launched into space as part of a Reaction Wheel. Thanks to the mechanical properties of Windform, rapid prototyping has been transformed into rapid manufacturing.

Several 3D printed Windform space parts will be on display at JEC WORLD 2016 inside the Aeronautics Planet, a gallery of innovations showing the most relevant applications in the field.