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WINDFORM, the LS materials that make the difference

News International-French

23 May 2016

Sponsored news - From mind to reality: WINDFORM® materials top partners for high-tech performing sector and custom production

Windform materials are used to construct functional prototypes for the automotive, space, motorsport, marine, UAV, medical and design industry. Windform can assure the fabrication of multiple functional designs, reliably and quickly.

That’s the reason why Windform Additive Manufacturing can be used to create internal truss structures. Lightness, strength and stability are the main benefits. This type of structure can be used in several applications. This reticulated structure can be adopted where weight reduction and high stability are required, especially for the industries of aerospace, Unmanned Aerial System, motorsport and automotive.

Not only: Windform 3D-printed parts can be CNC machined leading to high dimensional accuracy (there are industries such as motorsport, automotive, medical, aerospace and UAS that require tight specifications. With CNC machining it is possible to bring tolerance down to hundredths of millimetre), speed up the production and save time.

The additive manufacturing technology is much faster than designing and producing a tool for injection molding. Furthermore, 3D printing can give engineers more flexibility in the timeline to make design improvements. They have only to update the file CAD/CAM and print a new part, while making changes to an injection molding tool is nearly impossible and expensive causing a delay in the production of the parts. Furthermore the technology of 3D Printing allows free-form design and complex features.