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Workshops for Warriors congratulates first class of certified flow waterjet operators

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26 Jul 2013

Flow International Corporation, Flow International Corporation and Workshops for Warriors are congratulating the first class of Flow certified waterjet operators.

The two and a half day training course covered FlowMaster Software and operator training. Flow believes in continued support of our nation’s veterans; providing advanced manufacturing technology to Workshops for Warriors for training and certification.

In January 2013, Flow provided Workshops for Warriors a high-speed, high-precision Mach 2c waterjet system with Dynamic Waterjet taper control, HyPlex Prime® 55,000 psi pump and FlowMaster Intelligent Control software. With thousands of Flow waterjet system installations across the United States, veterans have the opportunity to learn transferable skills working on advanced, American-made machines. A three part instructor training program is underway, with the end goal of Workshops for Warriors independently training and certifying operators on the Flow waterjet system.

Workshops for Warriors assist the transition of veterans and Wounded Warriors into civilian careers. “We are proud to partner with Flow in the training, certification, and placement of Wounded Warriors and veterans into manufacturing careers,” says Hernán Luis y Prado chairman of Workshops for Warriors. “The waterjet training program gives veterans and Wounded Warriors the ability to learn from the global leader in waterjet technology; then apply that knowledge and experience into finding a career in the industry.”

Together, Flow and Workshops for Warriors are working to provide training and career placement for our nation’s veterans. Currently, graduates of Workshops for Warriors training programs have a 100% placement rate.

About Workshops for Warriors:
Workshops for Warriors is an accredited educational facility and a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that provides compressed training, certification, and placement of Wounded Warriors and Veterans into manufacturing careers, at no cost to them. The Company places graduates into careers in CAD/CAM, CNC Machining, Welding, and Fabrication careers across America ready to work. This proven vocational training program has a 100% placement rate and is scalable, modular, and is being replicated across the United States. Veterans face significant barriers to employment and need high quality training that culminates in portable, stackable, and industry-recognized credentials. With 1,000,000 additional veterans expected to transition out of Active Duty over the next five years, America owes its returning heroes a chance to earn a living wage and serve once again in the civilian workforce.

About Flow International:
Flow International Corporation is a global technology-based manufacturing company committed to providing a world class customer experience. The Company offers technological leadership and exceptional waterjet performance to a wide-ranging customer base, benefiting many cutting and surface preparation applications, delivering profitable waterjet solutions and dynamic business growth opportunities to our customers.

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