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World most expensive composites yacht made in China

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9 May 2012

After creating the world's first commercial solar yacht, a new "world's most expensive" - cost of $15 million, three-body super luxury yacht "Adastra" launched in Ping Sha.

"Adastra" is 42.5 meters long and 16 meters wide. It is allegedly current world's largest three-body super luxury yacht.


Adastra is designed by John Shuttleworth, a famous yacht design company. The manufacturer is McConaghy China located in Pingsha. The yacht was started preparation in 2008.


It costs more than 150 engineers and workers, and four years to build. It becomes the "the pinnacle" yacht in McConaghy yacht building history.


The yacht designed with three-body-structure. The main hull is slender can reduce the resistance when sailing in a high speed, so that the ship sailed up faster. In addition, the left and right sides there are auxiliary hulls to ensure stability.


The yacht hull used large amount of honeycomb carbon fiber and composite materials foam sandwich fillers. Large amounts of light strong structural composite materials used so the large boat still has a excellent speed performance.


The yacht is up to 1150 horsepower and the top speed of 22.5 knots, a tank of oil can support about 3500 miles of sailing. The fuel consumption is only 120 liter per hour.


It weighs only 52 tons, is 1/6 of other similar weight hull. And its speed is twice fast as the ordinary material boat. I can sail at a high speed on the oceans. The bulletproof fiber and carbon fiber have been applied too in order to deal with more complex ocean environment.


The owner is a Regal called Antony Louis MARDEN. He currently in Hong Kong engaged in the oil business. "I will try it on the Asian waters at the beginning. And then after it has been stabled with integral performance, I will with my family sail with the yachtto the pacific." He said.


The yacht used the Palladium Company Simon circuit integrated system. As long as you have a IPad, you can control yacht within the 50 meters range. And wherever you are in the world, as long as you have a computer, you will know its location.


Adastra annual maintenance cost plus captain seaman, cook, and other related expenses, together will be nearly US$ 3 million. The cost will be even higher if it sails more.



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