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WPC materials consumption will reach over 4.5 billion $ in 10 years in China

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16 Feb 2016

The forestry resources become more and more a scarcity, the wood plastic composite materials have already stepped into an accelerating development period of time especially in the immediate future years to come.

Due to the large amount of wasted plastics generated by the packaging, electronics, automobiles, building and construction, the waste plastic recycle and reutilization become the key direction in the plastic industry technical development.

Therefore, the wood plastic composite materials made of wasted wood debris and waste plastics become a big business in China in recent years. This kind of new composite material has took the advantage of some plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride as raw material to produce the resin adhesive.

The wasted plant fiber mixed with these resin adhesives can produce a kind of new materials called WPC – wood plastic composite has the advantages that the ordinary plastic does not have including the processing capacities such as colors, quality fell, light weight, nail applicable, saw applicable, drill applicable, plane applicable, and paint applicable. At the same time, this material also has the advantage that wood products do not have such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, erosion resistance, flame retardancy etc.

According to statistics, at present, the WPC composite materials annual consumption growth rate has reached an average of 30% high speed in China. It is expected that in the future 10 years of time, the WPC composite materials products will gradually replace some of the plastic and wood products. WPC composite material products will have large volume of applications in the fields including railway transportation, automobile interior decoration products, as well as packaging materials with an estimate total demand of about 30 billion Yuan (US$ 4.551 billion) scale.

The wide application of WPC materials is not only due to its breakthroughs in the wood low strength, low elastic modulus as an organic material, and large changeability, but also it is a green new environment wood material that has made contributions in the reduction of environment pollution and original wood consumption, and forestry protection. Because WPC composite material is made of a variety of waste plastic and waste wood material and WPC material is also recyclable, it greatly slows down the environment pollution speed caused by the burning of plastic waste and agriculture waste.

The Chinese government has given WPC industry development strong policy support. The WPC material manufacturing technology has been included in China resource comprehensive utilization technology policy outline and strategic new industry development plan. At the same time, the new PVC wood plastic composite material has recently passed the test by China national plastic & rubber quality supervision & detection center.

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