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XAC first composite material produced for Boeing approved

News International-French

30 Jul 2012

Earlier this month, AVIC XI'AN Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd  first composite trailing edge wedge bonding component produced the Boeing 747-8 airplane has passed through the identification by the Boeing Company.

To greet this identification, AVIC XAC Non Metal #48 Factory successively carried on the preparation of file operating system, parts and tooling. The training of personnel and working environment organizations have also been conducted successfully.


AVIC XAC is served as a super-large aviation industry enterprise integrating scientific research, development and manufacturing. It also serves as a development and manufacturing base of large-medium-sized aircrafts in China. It covers an area of over 4 million square meters with approximately 17,000 employees.


The picture shows that the experts from Boeing are performing material identification.


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