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XEMC 5MW wind turbine entered european market

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7 May 2012

XEMC Darwind BV and Windcraft Fit signed 10 sets of 5 MW wind turbine sales contract, the contract amount is 75 million Euros.

Darwind is a wholly-owned subsidiary of XEMC Wind Power Co, Ltd (XEMC).  And Windcraft Fit is STRABAG wholly owned subsidiary in German


This is the largest wind turbine sales order XEMC signed so far.


Strabag is a European construction company based in Villach, with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria). It is the largest construction company in Austria and one of the largest construction companies in Europe. In recent years, Strabag started to enter the new energy industry.


Strabag wholly owned subsidiary Windcraft Fit has special development permission for 14 offshore wind farms in Europe.  Signing of this contract means the first cooperation from a China wind equipment manufacturers. And the European partner has a great reputation and the special development permission for offshore wind power in Europe.


The first batch of10 units of 5 MW wind turbine will be built as a model wind field. They are mainly installed in Germany North Sea No 1 wind field. They are currently the world's first direct drive permanent magnet MW offshore wind turbine. Darwind will be the main implementation company providing customer service, installation, and repair. This project is expected to be completed in 2015.


Almost at the same time, XEMC developed first domestic 5 MW direct drive wind power generation turbine has finished hoisting installation in Fuqing city, Fujian Province, officially entered the commissioning stage.


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