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XEMC China largest land direct-drive wind turbine installed in Zhangbei

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14 Aug 2012

XEMC Wind Power CO.LTD developed and manufactured 5 MW direct drive wind turbine successfully won the bid for the state grid storage and transportation demonstration project.

This indicates that the current China largest single 5 MW land direct drive wind turbine will be installed in Zhangbei this year.


Compared with the traditional horizontal axis wind power system, 5 MW direct-drive wind turbine has no gear box, which reduced transmission consumption, improve the power generation efficiency especially at low wind speed conditions, the effect is more significant.


At the same time, the wind turbine does not need to change the gear box oil regularly, reducing the operation and maintenance cost. Reportedly, China's current mainstream wind turbine power is 1.5 MW, and direct drive 5 MW wind power turbine is currently 3.3 times of the mainstream wind turbine.



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