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Xiang Tan wind energy union total output value surpassed $1.57 billion USD

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11 Sep 2012

The wind power industry is one of the focus development strategic emerging industries in Xiang Tan during the "12th 5-Year Plan" period.

Xiang Tan wind power union was founded in November 5th, 2009. The union shared the innovation resources between the members effectively supported the industrial technical chain development.


Xiang Tan wind power industry has made great progress. From the introduction of foreign advanced technology to the independent innovations, Xiang Tan has the capability of 2-5MW direct-drive wind turbine production capacity, and established the state key offshore wind power laboratory.


At present, union has grown to 16 members, more than 60 enterprises in industrial chain local association; alliance enterprises output value exceeded $1.57 billion USD.


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