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Xingmin Wheel signed composite wheel hub cooperation agreement with BASF

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8 Nov 2013

Recently, Shandong Xingmin Wheel Co., Ltd (Xingmin Wheel) announced that the company has signed a composite wheel hub project cooperation agreement with BASF (China) Co., Ltd.

Under the agreement, BASF (China) will supply Xingmin Wheel with recommended suitable materials relying on BASF engineering plastics and the component structure research and application experience. BASF will also provide the optimization scheme on weight, cost, and performance for Xingmin Wheel. At the same time, BASF is also committed to provide properties certified materials can be derived (material properties and material spline).

If the project eventually developed and put into production, Xingmin Wheel agreed that, during the project late mass production whole and complete life cycle, they will use BASF (China) raw materials as the only designated material for the mass production of such composite wheels. The two sides will also sign the agreement on raw material performance index and the price.

Xingmin Wheel said that the signing of the above agreement will realize the resource sharing and the advantage complementary in the field of composite materials with BASF (China), which is beneficial to the development of the company in the field of the composite material application business.

About Xingmin Wheel:
The company was founded in December 1999 in Longkou. As a member of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Xingmin integrates steel wheel design and research, manufacturing and distribution in the auto industry, and is able to conduct synchronous development design with vehicle manufacturers. At present Xingmin Wheel has an assets of RMB 1.7 billion (383.33 million US$) covers an area of more than 700,000 square meters in total.

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