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Xingming lightweight composite wheels joint development agreement signed

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4 Nov 2013

Recently, Xingming Wheel and Beihang University (BUAA) Materials Science & Engineering School signed a cooperation agreement.

According to the agreement, Xingming will entrust BUAA to carry out a research and development on the lightweight fiber-reinforced composite materials automobile wheels.

Under the agreement, the newly developed and designed composites wheel has obvious lightweight effect. Its weight will be reduced by 30% compare with the same level aluminum alloy wheels.

Xingming Wheel said that the two sides will accelerate the pace of research and development. The lightweight fiber-reinforced composite materials automotive wheel samples will be launched shortly and the performance tests will be started at the same time. The company will start the new materials wheel business.

It is understood that automotive lightweight is the future development direction of the industry.

BUAA has strong strength in the field of new materials possess. The cooperative R & D between Xingming Wheel and BUAA Materials Science & Engineering School will focus on the new materials specifically designed for lightweight wheels. During the cooperation period, the composite materials wheel samples that satisfy the requirements of the structure size and performance and meet requirements of mass production will be provided.

The collaborative research will facilitate the effective implementation and rapid advancement of Xingming Wheel high-strength lightweight strategy.

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