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XIZI Zhejiang first aviation parts manufacturing base

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6 Sep 2012

After obtaining the China's large aircraft body supplier qualification in 2009, Xizi Aviation, Zhejiang's first aviation parts manufacturing base began to enter operational materiality and recently laid foundation in Hangzhou.

According to the Xizi Aviation chairman Wang Shuifu, the project invested USD $110million in R & D, manufacturing, sales headquarters. After its completion, the output value can reach USD $1.6 billion.


The project will be completed in the first quarter of 2013, and formally put into production in the three quarter. By the year of 2014, it will form an annual output of 2 million aviation parts and components NC machining and assembly production capacity which are sufficient for the supply of 300 aircrafts parts. The total annual output value will reach 1 billion Yuan with the full load operation.


At present, the well-known domestic and foreign aviation manufacturers that Xizi Aviation have reached and will reach a business cooperation relationship include China Commercial Aircrafts, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Cessna of the United States.


Xizi Aviation aircraft parts project is mainly responsible for aviation subcontract processing business, including: the development and production of China Commercial Aircrafts (C919) automatic doors; Cessna L162 sports aircraft and other commercial aircraft CNC machine, composite material parts and components assembly; C919 large aircraft fasteners.


Aviation parts manufacturing are divided into parts, components and risk three supplier levels. The lowest parts suppliers’ products pricing is in the hands of the main manufacturers, is located in the lowest-end of smile curve of the aviation manufacturing industry chain.


Parts suppliers often provide various types of aircraft structural components such as the aircraft nose, wing, fuselage, empennage, door etc... These components basically covered the whole aviation manufacturing process chain, including machining, sheet metal, composite materials, assembly etc...


Component suppliers need to have more complete manufacturing capability. The main manufacturers usually subcontract the aircraft components to only one or two supplier(s) on the basis of the consideration of the cost and risks. Therefore, the component supplier has better bargaining power. At present, Xizi Aviation is at this level.


Next, Xizi Aviation will grow toward the risk supplier level. They will participate with the main manufacturers in new aircraft development initial stage and shall bear the responsibility for aircraft components development funds. Once the model becomes a commercial success, they will obtain corresponding economic profit on every aircraft sold according to the agreed ratios.


About Xizi Aviation:

Xizi Aviation is mainly focus on the fabrication of aerospace parts and components, including airframe structure, composite part, sheet metal part, aerospace fastener etc.


Xizi Aviation is capable of CNC machining, composite structures forming, sheet metal forming, heat and surface treatment, component assembly, digital measurement, NDT, etc.


Xizi Aviation is a tier 1 supplier of C919 aircraft airframe structure and provides high quality products and services for Airbus, Boeing, COMAC, AVIC, Cessna, Bombardier, etc.



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