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XTEND 19RSS improves release and reduces build-up

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28 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Axel’s new solvent-based semi-permanent release, XTEND 19RSS, resolves two of the biggest problems encountered in closed moulding applications, including LFI and light RTM: inadequate release and build-up on mould surfaces.

Faced with poor or difficult release, manufacturers resort to more frequent application of release coatings, often compounding the problem, with more build-up.


XTEND 19RSS employs new chemistry to address these issues, delivering a highly cross-linked coating that is more resistant to abrasion and impervious to the embedment of residue that is so common in closed moulding. Customer moulding tractor and transportation parts in LFI and light RTM operations have demonstrated that the new release provided twice as many de-mouldings before requiring re-application. In addition, moulds ran cleaner for far longer, significantly increasing production.


The product is suitable for a broad range of mould types and resins and is especially recommended for polyurethane, DCPD and other chemically-aggressive resin systems. It can be used at both ambient and elevated temperature, and applied by hand wiping or HVLP spray.

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