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Yuan Long FRP broadens its range of skills beyond pultrusion

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21 Feb 2011

Yuan Long FRP’s core activity is pultrusion. It has also opened up to SMC/BMC, however, moving into a number of markets outside of its field of choice, mobile communications.

Yuan Long FRP building

Created in November 1993, Shanghai Yuan Long FRP has always specialized in pultrusion. The company is held by two shareholders and employs 80 people. Its business is evenly balanced between the domestic and export markets, with sales (close to $5 million) divided 50/50 between the two.


Buoyant markets


Shanghai Yuan Long FRP has captured a number of markets over the years. Today, 35% of its business is in the mobile communications sector, 35% in wind and electricity, and 30% in chemical/corrosion, customer products, and machinery/tooling. This three-way distribution protects the company from the volatility of any one market. The company manufactures a broad range of products that are used in a number of different sectors that include railings, walkways and structural platforms; sewage disposal engineering projects; chemical corrosion; the oil and offshore oil industry; ferrous metallurgy; electrical insulation; sports and tourism; marketing products; and transportation. To fulfil the very specific requirements of all these markets, Shanghai Yuan Long FRP combines advanced technologies and equipment with the use of fibreglass roving, continuous strand mat, carbon fibre and, increasingly, basalt fibre as reinforcements for matrix materials such as unsaturated polyester or vinylester resins.


Perfectly controlled production


Yuan Long FRP now has 14 production lines in a covered 8,000-m² building. All lines were designed and created by Yuan Long itself. Three years ago, the company also invested in two presses (500 and 100 metric tons) to meet the demand for SMC/BMC, and in 2008 purchased three CNC machines to increase its production capacity. All this new equipment has boosted the company’s responsiveness and ability to put out very high quality parts. As CEO You Kun Long says, “the company’s future depends on taking customer needs into account and producing parts with higher added value.”


The company sets great store on quality, and has been ISO 9001 certified for nearly a decade. It has also obtained certification in the area of fire resistance (UL 94 VO) and electrical insulation. Shanghai Yuan Long FRP invests nearly 8% of its annual budget on R&D, in part to develop new equipment. The company also sells machines such as mat slitters, caterpillar pullers, dual reciprocation pullers, and pultrusion machines – mainly to the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa.


More Information
Yuan Long pultrusion and compression moulding composite products offer the following characteristics:
  • excellent corrosion resistance,
  • high strength, low weight and impact resistance,
  • magnetic insulation through electromagnetic wave resistance,
  • anti-ageing and long service life, maintenance free,
  • fire retardant,
  • dimensionally stable, no length limit,
  • easy cutting, fast installation.