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Yun-20 brought great development of new prepreg composite materials

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24 Apr 2013

The successful first flight of Chinese Yun-20 is China's new generation of heavy military transport aircraft.

Yun-20 successful first flight symbolized that China has become the fourth country after the United States, Russia and Ukraine, who can develop 200 tons level large military transport aircraft.

Some interior components of Yun-20 cabin have applied the flame-retardant glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin, glass fiber reinforced phenolic resin prepreg composites developed by some research institutes under Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC).

This aircraft cabin composite material has the characteristics of high specific strength and stiffness. And its flame retardant and low smoke advantages are more obvious than other ordinary composite materials. It not only successfully reduced the aircraft structural weight, improves the aircraft fire safety, but also made breakthrough to break China’s heavy import dependency for this material.

The development of green, flame retardant resin and other supporting materials used for aviation high uniformity fiber is very slow in China. The development and application of aircraft cabin flame retardant prepreg composite materials is relatively weak. Especially the construction of flame retarding performance evaluation system that complies with the global FAR25.835d standard airworthiness requirements is serious lag behind.

Driven by the demand of large aircrafts represented by Yun-20, AVIC 703 Institute and other units have carried out the development of these two prepreg composite materials to provide raw materials for large aircraft interior components.

After nearly 3 years of efforts, 703 Institute has successfully developed two aircraft grade high uniformity satin glass fiber fabric. The properties are basically similar to the foreign products, which meet the aircraft cabin fire retardant materials demand. The researchers have also developed a new flame retardant formulation for kitchen bulkhead, floor area and successfully applied to the Yun-20 aircraft.

In addition, through means of design, synthesis and formulation optimization technology on the molecular, the researchers also creatively invented a new kind of prepreg composite material with both green flame retardant, low smoke and low toxicity, and low heat releasing functions. Its comprehensive performance has reached the level of the top class of composite materials required by Boeing, Airbus. Now, this material has been applied to Yun-20 aircraft cabin walls, ceiling and other parts.

In addition to materials applied to Yun-20, AVIC 703 institute has finished composite materials comprehensive performance test with the international standard for the first time in China. This has further improved China large aircraft cabin composite materials characterization evaluation system.

With the startup of Yun-20 follow-up task, it is expected to have hundreds large aircrafts orders, which is a huge market.

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