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Zünd introduces a digital cutting solution during JEC Europe

News International-French

26 Feb 2015

The Zünd G3 M-1600, showing in Paris, is the ideal cutting system for the composites industry.

With a working area of 1330 x 1600 mm (52 x 63 in), the G3 M-1600 is capable of processing materials ranging from prepreg and dry weaves to core materials and laminates. Carbon or glass fiber, Aramid, stone wool or basalt fiber, rigid foam or honeycomb – the Zünd tool palette ensures the perfect tool is always at hand. For many composites applications, Zünd recommends the robust Power Rotary Tool – PRT, one of the company's flagship high-capacity tools that has proven again and again that it can stand up to the rigorous demands of cutting materials such as carbon fiber and fiberglass. The tool and cutting system are protected from statically charged and/or abrasive dust particles, and for cleanly cutting materials with a lower melting point, it is possible to reduce the RPM of the rotary blade. As an air-driven tool with a long cutting stroke, the powerful Pneumatic Oscillating Tool – POT is particularly well suited for cutting honeycomb materials and rigid foams. The Zünd R62, a custom router bit, is recommended for routing cured parts cleanly and efficiently.

There are thousands of Zünd G3 cutters installed all over the world, proving their mettle on a daily basis. The company's list of references is long and illustrious, with customers involved in the automobile industry, aerospace, aviation, and wind energy. The Zünd G3 is ideally suited for composites applications. With its modular tooling, it can be tailored to meet the demands typical of this highly dynamic industry and is guaranteed to deliver exceptional productivity along with an unusually quick and reliable ROI. The G3 cutter is CE and UL certified. It can be used as a standalone solution in a semi-automated configuration for custom or shorter-run production or, just as easily, integrated in a fully automated industrial production workflow. Powered by Zünd Cut Center with its open interface, G3 cutters can be quickly and easily integrated in any type of production environment. G3 cutting systems come with professional documentation in multiple languages, and the user can select his language of choice for the user interface. High-performance CAD/CAM software options support the user e.g. in maximizing material yield through automatic nesting.