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"Z plus" unidirectional dry fibre preform

News International-French

5 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Shikibo has been concentrating on the development of dry preforms for composite components for about 20 years, now offering the "Z plus" unique dry preform.

This preform is made using an original technology. Unlike NCF (Non Crimp Fabric) preforms, "Z plus" has no fibre intersections and resin-rich areas. It can also be adapted to frame components for the airplane and aerospace sectors, or other general industries.

The use of near-net-shape preforms is an important parameter in the manufacture of high-performance composites. "Z plus" is made using simple processes which can produce the requested shape from long fibres. No intermediate materials like NCF, woven or braided fabrics are used.

The "Z plus" preform is produced layer by layer to get the final shape, and each layer is arranged according to the design.

Shikibo can customize the "Z plus" preform to the customer's requirements.

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