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ZGL T700 high performance carbon fiber

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29 Oct 2012

ZGL SYT45 (T700) high performance carbon fiber is made with the international mainstream technology and the China domestic equipments and production line.

Carbon fiber is China strategic new material with wide applications. SYT45 (T700 grade) carbon fiber in China is manufactured by ZGL. The company is currently the only one which can provide industrialized production of dry jet wet spinning T700 grade carbon fiber.


This new product marks the breakthrough for China industrialized production of high performance carbon fiber problem.


ZGL after more than three years of assiduous research first achieved breakthrough of dry jet wet spinning T700 carbon fiber technology in the country. The production line achieved whole production coherent operation, continuous spinning. And the full set of production equipments are a result of independent R&D.


In 2011, ZGL built a kiloton of SYT45 (T700) production line, and put into trial production, that production line is the largest, most advanced high-end carbon fiber production line in China. In 2012, ZGL built a two thousand tons SYT45 (T700) carbon fiber production line.


September this year, ZGL has supplied to the market 50 tons of T700 grade carbon fiber each month. By the year 2013, every month ZGL will have 150 tons of class T700 carbon fiber bulk supply for the domestic market.



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