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ZHANG JIA JIE will build the world's longest composites bridge

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21 Dec 2012

The world's tallest and longest glass bridge, a skywalk between two mountain peaks in ZHANG JIA JIE Canyon will be built in Fébruary 2013.

Once the glass skywalk is completed, it will become the first cable-stayed canyon glass skywalk, the tallest and longest glass skywalk, and the first bridge completely made of new composite materials in the world.


The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a unique national forest park located in Zhangjiajie City in northern Hunan Province in the People's Republic of China. It is one of several national parks within the Wulingyuan Scenic Area.


The project feasibility has been certified unanimously by a group of Chinese and foreign experts in Wuhan Iron Bridge Survey and Design Institute of China. The expert group decided to adopted oblique-pulling method to construct this glass skywalk, and to build the global highest bungee platform in the skywalk center.


The glass bridge construction expert group members include Haim Dotan, the renowned Shanghai World Expo Israel Pavilion designer, Doronshalev, the world famous building power, structure security analyst and other domestic well known bridge experts. The expert group has carried out detail analysis and discussions on whether or not apply the new composite materials and the deck glass selection for the glass bridge. They finally determined that the glass skywalk construction scheme is feasible and safe.


According to the design, the Grand Canyon Skywalk glass bridge project plans to be built in the ZHANG JIA JIE Grand Canyon Scenic Li Shu Ya and Wu Wang Po area. It will be built on the cliff top on the two sides across the Grand Canyon. The bridge relative height from the bottom is about 400 meters, the width is 3.2 meters and the bridge length is about 370 meters.


The bridge deck will completely use transparent glass material, a complete glass structure bridge. The whole project will not use any steel reinforcement and concrete pier for supporting. The cable is designed to use current world's most advanced composite material. And the world highest bungee platform will also be built at the center of the bridge.


After three years of design, test and research, the glass bridge construction project currently is in the final stages of materials selection. By the end of this year, the scenic glass bridge construction will be started. The initial constructions will include the rail cable car, bungee jumping and other ancillary works. It is expected to open to the tourists by the end of 2013. The glass bridge project total investment is $42 millions USD (260 million Yuan), the aerospace materials will be selected in order to improve the whole bridge stability and safety.


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