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Zhejiang Xinzhiqiu Technology Development carbon fiber water filtration materials

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5 Jul 2012

What made it special is that this project uses a new material of ecosystem carbon fiber material. This new carbon fiber material is a result of joint research and development by Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Zhejiang Xinzhiqiu Technology Development Co., Ltd. (ZXZQT).

The carbon fiber material has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, strong adsorption, and good biological compatibility. Its sewage purification performance reached the international advanced level. This technology has initiated a new generation of environmentally friendly cleaning materials in China.


According to calculation, after the adaptation of the new carbon material in the project, carbon dioxide dropped from 110 milligrams per liter to 40 mg per liter; the ammonia nitrogen decreased from 5.53 mg per liter to 2 mg per liter; dissolved oxygen in water is above 2 milligrams per liter, total nitrogen is reduced to below 2 mg per litre.


Carbon fiber cloth is similar with ecological water purification principle. Put into the water together with microbial, it plays the role of carrier, providing microbes with a production, breeding place.


As long as the cloth is dipped in water, it will become the beneficial microorganisms’ breeding ground. These microorganisms can effectively curb the harmful bacteria and improve water quality, purify the water, create a good water zoology environment for the fish.


Ecological fabric treatment effect is obvious. Aquiculture farmer, Xu Huan Jun used it for more than a month. The fish pond water became very clean. This summer, he will no longer worry about water quality variation leads to fry death cases.


However, due to the ecological fabric cost is relatively high, the average annual every mus costs 400 Yuan, so the aquiculture farmers u enthusiasm is not high. Currently, the entire county area adds up to only less than10 acres.


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