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Zhejiang Zhongju Composite Materials Company donates 50,000 US$ to Harbin Institute of Technology

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19 Nov 2013

Recently, a commemorative medals presentation ceremony of the Harbin Institute of Technology Education Development Foundation was held. Zhejiang Zhongju Composite Materials Company donated 300,000 Yuan (50,000 US$) to develop the laboratory of FRP Composite Materials and Structures in the School of Civil Engineering.

Harbin Institute of Technology Vice President SUN Heyi, Vice President of Foundation presented commemorative medals and certificates to representatives of the company. Deputy Director of the Office of Alumni Work GUO Junwei presided over the ceremony and announced the awards. Vice President of Foundation CUI Guolan signed the donation agreement with the donors. Representatives from the Zhongju Holding Group and the School of Civil Engineering attended the ceremony.

CEO of the Zhongju Holding Group, Chairman of the Board of Zhejiang Zhongju Composite Materials Company ZHANG Yuefeng introduced the company including its main activities and public welfare in the ceremony. The company has a good basis for research cooperation with School of Civil Engineering. He hoped that this donation could improve the communication and cooperation. He also hoped that his company would make further contributions to the development of Harbin Institute of Technology, so that we could achieve mutual benefits.

Vice President SUN pointed out that educational donation are of great significance. The primary task of the school was talents training, which requires good conditions. He said that the development of Harbin Institute of Technology was inseparable from the support of the community. In return, our school would repay the community with practical action. At the same time, Vice President SUN hoped that through the full cooperation of both schools and enterprises, using the school's scientific research, companies would better develop, and school and enterprises achieve mutual benefits.

Photo: Signing the donation agreement

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