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Zhongda invest $1 million USD in composite materials

News International-French

7 Aug 2012

Zhejiang Zhongcheng Packing Material Co., Ltd (Zhongcheng) announced last month that the company intends to joint venture with a natural person Li Xiaohu to set up Zhejiang Zhongda Composite Material Co., Ltd.

The prepared registered capital for Zhongda is 10 million Yuan. Zhongcheng is the controlling shareholder with the investment of $1 million USD in cash, accounts for 62.5% of the registered capital.


According to the announcement, plastic film composite material belongs to plastic packaging film industry. The products have very extensive, wide application. In recent years, with the gradual change of global consumer packaging forms from hard to soft packaging and the continuous increasing demand from development of industrial technology and consumer, there are more and more, higher and higher demands for the packaging, especially the packaging for food.


The establishment of the new composite material company will start its production plan for plastic film composite material products and related plastic film composite equipment R & D, manufacturing and sales. The project put into operation will be advantageous to the increase of product types, product structure. It will bring new profit growth point; further improve the company's competitive ability.


Zhongcheng is located in Zhejiang Province and 100 km far to Shanghai . Established in 2001, the company specializes in researching and developing high quality shrink films, such as Polyolefin Shrink Film, Hot Slip Shrink Film, Cross-linked Shrink Film, Anti-Fog Shrink Film, High Performance Shrink Film, etc.