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Zhongfu Carbon Fiber carbon fiber core transmission wire first grid application

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22 Jun 2012

Zhongfu Carbon Fiber Core Cable Technology Co., Ltd. carbon fiber core transmission wire was successfully installed in Lianyungang City 35KV Hua Mau line (the double capacity conductor) re-engineering project, and the transmission line is back into normal operation.

This is the first carbon fiber core wire application project in Lianyungang City, the first time for Zhongfu Carbon fiber to be installed in the national grid system as well. The carbon fiber composite core wire the project used is JRLX/T-150/30 with a length of 1025 meters.


The installation method is single loop erection, which makes full use of the carbon fiber core wire times capacitance characteristics, while kept the original tower and foundation unchanged, and the transmission capacity doubled, hence greatly reduced the line reconstruction engineering quantity, saved retrofit cost.


This transformation project improved the transmission line power supply capacity, reliability, safety, and made the transmission line more economical.


Carbon fiber composite core wire has good performance and characteristics such as high strength, large carrying capacity, and good heat resistance, and small linear expansion coefficient, light weight, corrosion resistance. It is a new concept of the overhead transmission line conductor.


The successful implementation of this project marked Zhongfu Carbon Fiber core wire products successfully entered the overhead wire market, and also laid a good foundation for Zhongfu Carbon fiber application development.


China Composites Group Corporation Ltd is the biggest composites manufacture ,has a post-doctoral research station and the national enterprise technology center specialized by Five ministries and commissions , It provide to Zhongfu Carbon Fiber core advanced management experience of production ,testing and application.



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