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Zhongmin Pinghaiwan offshore wind second phase project has been approved

News International-French

10 Aug 2016

According to Fujian government, Zhongmin Offshore Wind Power Co., Ltd (Zhongmin Offshore Wind) Pinghaiwan Putian Pinghaiwan offshore wind field second phase project has been approved by Fujian Province Development and Reform Committee.

By far, Putian offshore wind power development capacity has reached 700 MW that is the largest offshore wind power region in Fujian Province.According to report, Putian Pinghaiwan offshore wind power field second phase project total investment is about 5 billion Yuan (US$ 767 million). This project plans to install 50 wind turbine of the single unit capacity of 5 MW so the total installing capacity is 250 MW.According to report, the project will build 35kV and 220 kV seabed electricity transmission cable, Luzi Island 220 kV booster station and communication / transportation road and port. The second phase project will also expand the 110 kV Pinghai onshore booster station into 220 kV onshore booster station. The total construction period will be 36 months.After the project completely put into operation, it is expected the annual grid connected electricity power will reach 872.590 GW/h that can replace 0.28 million tons and reduced the relative water drive dust discharge, waste water discharge, and warm water discharge pollution pressure on the ocean area.