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Zhongye phenolic polymer duct system won the contract with CRS

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17 Dec 2013

Recently, Zhongye Science & Technology (Zhongye) signed a joint research and development of new rail cars insulation fireproof material agreement with China South Rail Group (CSR). In the future, the subway cars will use the fire insulation materials supplied by Zhongye.

The rail insulation mainly includes the body wall insulation, air conditioning system insulation, and rail station insulation. The effective way to reduce energy consumption is to reduce the energy exchange with the outside, which requires the application of new materials with better insulation performance than the traditional materials.

At present, the ventilation pipe products are made of traditional FRP and metal insulation products. Those products need to be replaced in 5 to 7 year and the heat insulation and energy saving effect is not very good.

Changsha Metro Line 2 will launch test operation in May next year. The line 2 subway construction plans to use "Zhongye A6 duct system" made of phenolic polymer materials. This material has advantages of anti-aging, high oxygen index, low smoke density, and flame retardant that reached Fire A requirement. Further more, the product has a life of up to 25 to 30 years, 20 years longer than the ordinary materials.

It can withstand high temperatures of thousands of degrees with excellent heat insulation and heat preservation function. During the test, a rod electric torch sustained jet fire was applied on one side of a thin layer of phenolic polymer material panel. You don’t feel any temperature change on the other side of the panel even this side has turn black after the fire burning for a few minutes.

"Zhongye A6 duct system" used advanced stealth flange connection technology, so it has very small leakage. The heat loss is less than 2%. While the galvanized steel pipe and other material pipe’s leakage rate reached 15% and 8%.

About Hunan Zhongye:
Founded in 2003, Hunan Zhongye has been working on the field of phenolic polymer materials. At present, the company has become the industry star enterprise, its technical strength and market share ranks the top three in China.

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