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Zoltek to introduce innovative, low-cost pre-impregnated tow for winding CNG tanks at JEC

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15 Mar 2013

Zoltek Corporation will introduce “TowPreg”, a pre-impregnated carbon fiber tow material specifically formulated for improved efficiency in filament winding compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks and other pressurized vessels at the JEC Composites Show in Paris.

The innovative material construction of Zoltek’s TowPreg reduces production costs for pressure vessel applications by pre-impregnating Panex® 35 carbon fiber tow with a thermosetting Bisphenol A epoxy resin. The impregnated tow has been spooled at a consistent bandwith so it is ready to wind as soon as it is tied into the part.


Filament winders can expect greater fiber placement control due to increased tack of the TowPreg, leading to increased design freedom and more accurate burst pressure predictions. Other benefits include: faster winding speeds due to exceptional fiber placement control, eliminating resin bath limitations, cleaner operations, and eliminated resin waste. Additionally, the material may be stored at room temperature for up to three months, simplifying logistics and facility requirements.


Zoltek will initially focus on CNG Tanks as the primary application for this new material, however sporting goods, automotive structures, boat masts, and any filament wound composite part requiring low-temperature cure will benefit from its unique properties.



About Zoltek:

Zoltek Corporation develops low-cost carbon fiber and carbon fiber application solutions used in wind turbines blades, automotive parts, thermoplastic compounding, compressed natural gas (CNG), offshore drilling, infrastructure, marine, and various other commercial products.



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