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Zoltek introduces carbon fiber pultruded profiles as an expansion of its Panex 35 product line

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22 Mar 2013

Complementing its prepreg and fabric offerings to the wind industry, Zoltek is now delivering carbon fiber laminates of constant cross-section that will serve as structural reinforcements in advanced wind turbine blades. 

Available in a variety of thicknesses and shapes, these pultruded parts deliver optimized properties with high fiber volumes, nearly zero void content, and locked-in filament alignment. Initially, Zoltek is targeting wind energy applications for this new product offering to cater to a new trend of designing and building blades with “pre-cured” or “production-ready” carbon composites as the structural member.

“Over the past two years, we have made substantial additions to our capacity to produce composite intermediates, including prepregs, fabrics, and pultruded parts,” Zsolt Rumy, Zoltek’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said. “Our new intermediate products are designed to simplify and significantly reduce manufacturing costs for blade-makers and other end users. We also expect our new product offerings to speed the development of longer blades for higher megawatt wind turbines and to facilitate other breakthroughs in the use of advanced composites in other fields, such as deepsea drilling and oil production.”
Zoltek is broadening its product offering to wind customers to further secure its position as the leading carbon fiber supplier into wind energy, with over 20,000 metric tons of carbon fiber currently installed in wind turbines worldwide.  

These pultruded profiles are manufactured by Zoltek using their Panex® 35 continuous tow carbon fiber. Depending on the end application, these pultruded profiles are typically produced with a thermoset epoxy or vinyl ester resin in a proprietary low-cost, high-throughput process.




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