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Zoomlion 80 meter carbon fiber (Carbotech) truck mounted concrete pump sold

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14 Feb 2012

Zoomlion Guinness Record holder 80 meter carbon fiber truck mounted concrete pump, among 448 Zoomlion equipments worth of 800 million Yuan, mightily drive out of Zoomlion factory, sent to the users around the world, of which the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the 80-meter carbon fiber truck mounted concrete pump.

Zoomlion 80 meter carbon fiber (Carbotech) truck mounted concrete pump sold

The sales of Zoomlion 80 meters pump maintained a number of world records, the longest boom pump based on General Motors chassis, the longest carbon fiber boom pump. Since September 28, 2011 successful completion, it gained highly concerns by the concrete industry customers, how batch of customers have found the Zoomlion expressed a strong willingness of procurement, after a series of negotiations, a domestic customer won the competition and got the 80 meters carbon fiber boom pump with highest scientific and technological content in the world which declared the final destination of such invention.


Over the years of product development and innovation, Zoomlion has always believed that to continue to explore the maximum value of the product, to create the greatest practical value for the customer’s investment, the successful sales of Zoomlion 80 meter carbon Fiber pump only took three short months after its completion, and fully reflects the product is practical and innovative. As a mater of fact, it is the fastest-selling long boom pump as well as the longest boom pump ever sold in the entire world.

About Zoomlion :
With production and operation facilities located in places such as Hunan, Shanghai, Shanxi and Guangdong in China, and in Milan, Italy etc., Zoomlion has established a fleet of industrial parks boasting a total area of nearly 3 million square meters, including Zoomlion Science Park, Lugu Industrial Park, Quantang Industrial Park, Lugu environmental protection industry park、Guanxi Industrial Park in Changde, Wangcheng Industrial Park, Yuanjiang Industrial Park in Yiyang, Shanghai Industrial Park, Weinan Industrial Park in Shaanxi, and CIFA Industrial Park in Italy. Zoomlion possesses massive world-class steel structured factory buildings, modern processing equipment and automated production lines, and also offers a sophisticated global sales network and service system.


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