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Zoomlion new world record 80 meters carbon fiber jib pump truck in Shanxi

News International-French

8 Jun 2012

Zoomlion 80 meters long, world's longest carbon fiber boom concrete pump truck appeared in Lingshim Shanxi province, China. It give a very successfully stage performing of different tasks there.

In only four to five days, the 80 meter long pump truck moved from the Lingshi low-income housing to police building, the people's Hospital, and other key projects construction sites playing tasks that normally takes weeks or months.


No matter it is in a high rise pumping, or is in large span pumping transportation construction, the 80 meters pump truck has performed an excellent job. This demonstration highlights the 80 meter long carbon fiber boom pump strong passing capacity. It also shows its small construction area occupation during the work. Its arm frame has very small jittering. And lot of other advantages such as the big pump displacement etc…


At the construction sites, the building owners and the building operators all praised such achievements, the industry and some professional medias have come on site to witness the big moment.



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