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Zyvax TakeOff helps aerospace industry reduce mass and improve fuel economy

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4 Feb 2015

Chem-Trend’s new release agent designed for lightweight composite materials

Chem-Trend, a company involved in the development and production of high-performance release agents and casting lubricants, is helping the aerospace industry remove mass, lower fuel consumption and respect the environment with a release agent targeted for use with composite materials.

Zyvax TakeOff is a newly developed water-based, semi-permanent release agent specifically formulated for aerospace manufacturers and is especially effective for vacuum bagged and autoclave molding of epoxy carbon fiber prepreg. This water-based release agent does not require a sealer in most cases when used on high-quality mold surfaces in aerospace and other epoxy prepreg applications.

Zyvax mold release systems from Chem-Trend are developed specifically to address the molding needs of premium aerospace composites materials. A distinct advantage of TakeOff is its ability to be applied to molds at varying temperatures, thus reducing the required downtime to allow the mold to cool, as is sometimes needed when using solvent-based release agents. TakeOff needs only a minimal number of coats to become effective, with short dry times between applications. It also provides multiple release capability, potentially contributing to improved productivity in the manufacturing process.

Zyvax TakeOff is ideal for aircraft application because it is specifically formulated to work on extremely large epoxy molded parts and uses an environmentally conscious water-based carrier. Additionally, there is very low transfer of the release agent to the molded part. That can eliminate or significantly reduce any cleaning process that might be required prior to a post-molding procedure, such as painting and gluing. This saves material, time and money for manufacturers.

For those parts that do require cleaning, only a mild detergent and water are needed to easily remove any transferred release material. TakeOff is virtually solvent-free, exceeds the most demanding environmental requirements and provides employees a more pleasant plant environment.

“As the evolution of aircraft construction continues, manufacturers will have an even greater demand for products like ZyvaxTakeOff that enable the use of lightweight composites. This allows manufacturers to retain the structural integrity of metal with much less mass while decreasing fuel consumption.”

About Chem-Trend:
Founded in 1960, Chem-Trend is a global organization focused on delivering value-added solutions to improve quality, reduce costs and boost the productivity of molding and casting operations. Chem-Trend offers a globally integrated network of experienced, knowledgeable and insightful production and technical experts in all major manufacturing regions around the world. Chem-Trend serves global manufacturers through offices in North America, South America, Asia and Europe. As a member of the Freudenberg Group, Chem-Trend adheres to the group’s “Guiding Principles,” which include commitments to providing value for customers, innovation, leadership, encouraging the well-being and development of our people, corporate and personal responsibility, and a long-term orientation. Chem-Trend’s company culture, which is intertwined with the “Guiding Principles,” drives the organization to deliver exceptional value to its customers through its high standards for conduct.