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The magazine has won 2 prestigious Tabbie Awards from the US Association TABPI (Trade Association Business Publications International) and is certified by the BPA (Business Publications Audit of circulations).

JEC Composites Magazine, the world's leading composites magazine reaches a total qualified circulation of 46,909.

#1 - BPA June statement 2017

46,909 Total Average Qualified Circulation
29,033 Print circulation
17,876 Electronic circulation


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Special comments on the 100th issue by regular readers, contributors and partners


Jean-Pierre Cauchois

Jean-Pierre Cauchois
Technical Manager

Twelve years already since JEC Magazine took wing! Specifically targeting the composite industry, this internationally distributed magazine is at once scientific, technical, and promoter of technological innovation, making it a must for the ever-changing world of composites. Together, the magazine and the JEC Show with its venues in three different regions of the world are furthering recognition of our industry. As a devoted reader and author of technical articles, I believe that we have made good use of the publication to promote technologies and products.


Michel Cognet
Chomarat Group

Michel Cognet
Managing Director

JEC Composites Magazine connects all composite industry players. More importantly, it connects our industry with the end-user segments, in a single magazine. As an organization, JEC and JEC Composites Magazine are key to enabling and speeding up networking for our industry. Not so long ago, the composite industry, end users and the education world moved in separate environments, but now JEC brings us all together.
JEC Composites Magazine is where momentum built up for the innovation cooperation between Chomarat and Professor Tsai from Stanford University, to take one noteworthy example, and where such innovations are unveiled and shared.


Arnaud Genis
Owens Corning

Arnaud Genis
Group President, Composite Solutions Business

On the behalf of Owens Corning, it is my pleasure to congratulate the editors and staff at JEC Composites Magazine on the milestone of your one-hundredth issue! Like Owens Corning, JEC Composites has the privilege of serving – and impacting – one of the world’s most dynamic and influential industries.


Dr. Michael Effing

Dr. Michael Effing
Founder and CEO

Beginning with the very first issue of the JEC Composites Magazine, which actually still lays on my working desk, I have accompanied, contributed to and benefitted from the activities of the entire organization (starting from being a board member of JEC, over winning the innovation award in 1995, the growing trade show activities, to the high-quality magazine mixing deepest technological insights with important business news for my day-to-day business).


Prof. Dr. Patricia Krawczak
Mines Douai

Prof. Dr. Patricia Krawczak
DirectorPolymers and Composites Technology & Mechanical Engineering Department

In my opinion, JEC Composites Magazine is unique; it successfully contributes to create a network between the various players of the composites ecosystem; it is the only journal to address business/market, technology/innovation and applied research issues in a well-balanced approach. So, I do not hesitate to strongly recommend JEC Composites magazine to my co-workers and students, and more generally to all academic researchers and industrial engineers. My congratulations for this 100th edition!


Sung Kyu Ha
Hanyang University

Sung Kyu Ha
ProfessorHead of Composites Group

I believe that for the last few decades JEC composites magazine has greatly helped our global composite society to effectively communicate as one of the major publications. New composite technologies were made globally reachable, accessible and usable to multiple industries as well as research/education institutes. 
The JEC composites magazine covers numerous and varied composites topics: Applications, Market, Feature, R&D and Technology. It also regularly reviews regional composites development, helping us understand what is going on globally: whether it’s in America, Europe, or Asia. For sure, the magazine has significantly helped our composites group at Hanyang University discover and understand new technologies and effectively interact with the industry at large. I also found the magazine very useful and an excellent reference for graduate students in their publications of journal papers and dissertation.


Gilmar Lima
MVC Soluções em Plásticos

Gilmar Lima
Executive Director

JEC Composites Magazine proves that the world has become smaller. When I travel and visit foreign companies, I always see JEC Composites Magazine on the table of the main executives and technicians. Also, I often see it in international presentations or being referred to in a specific debate or as an example of innovation and technology. 
It was very rewarding and honourable to take part in this magazine during 12 years. Considering that the composite market still suffers from an extreme lack of information, especially in the academic field, it is vital for our expansion and development to have JEC Composites Magazine to rely on. I wish that, together with the next generations, we can keep developing this magazine that, in only 12 years of existence, has already left a legacy of knowledge, innovation and technology to the composites sector.


Thierry Merlot
Hexcel Composites

Thierry Merlot
VP & General Manager Europe /MEA / Asia Pacific

I congratulate JEC magazine on its 100th issue and thank JEC for providing this great source of information during the last 12 years. I’m sure the magazine has played a major role in educating more and more people about composites and their increasing number of applications, and in attracting new players to our industry.


Kanemasa Nomaguchi
Kanemasa Nomaguchi
President, PLA Director

Based on my long experience (since the 1940s) with composites, I can recommend the JEC Composites Magazine because:

  • it is easy to read and understand for both beginners and experts, with attractive illustrations. 
  • it features timely, well-selected fresh topics, with reader-oriented editing. 
  • it enlightens us with knowledge and encourages networking news for everyday activities in the composite industry.


Dr. A. Selvam
FRP Institute

Dr. A. Selvam
PhD, Executive Secretary

Congratulations! At the FRP Institute in India, we feel happy that the JEC Composites Magazine is going to print the 100th issue in October 2015. It is a remarkable achievement and JEC Composites Magazine information, which covers the entire spectrum of the composites industry requirements, is very useful to composites professionals around the world.


Steve Tsai
Stanford University

Steve Tsai
Professor Research Emeritus, Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics

When USA Today started its distribution in 1982, it rapidly became the largest newspaper in the US. Its principal aim is to publish easy-to-understandand-to-comprehend stories. It also pioneers the extensive use of colour charts and figures.
To me, JEC Composites Magazine is assuming this role in the composite materials community. It offers short reports on a wide spectrum of information, from engineering to business, that are easy to read and comprehend. It provides actionable information for most of us. The quality of contributors, plus page design and use of colour, set this magazine apart from its competitors.


Zuo Yang
China Composites Group Corp. Ltd.

Zuo Yang
Senior Engineer Director, International Cooperation Division

In the past 12 years, JEC Composites Magazine launched a lot of Chinese news and industrial reports to help global readers understand the local market, and interviewed many leading Chinese manufacturers and entrepreneurs to introduce them into the international market. We thank the editors of JEC Composites Magazine for their contribution to the China-Europe composites industry.


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