JEC Composites Technical Posters

Technical Posters

Discover the latest advances in materials research throught JEC Technical Posters program
The Technical Posters program was launched in 2012 and offer an updated overview of innovation and expertise in composite field of activity.

Moving towards the solutions of the future
Joining forces with the top research laboratories and the latest developments in industrial applications, the Technical Posters program reviews the latest progress.

Academia and industry: an essential virtuous circle
The Technical Posters program is open to recognized professionals and young graduates alike. The program highlights the collaboration between research institutes and private stakeholders that keeps the composite material sector dynamic. Both experts and talented newcomers are already developing tomorrow’s composite materials.

Participation is on the rise – how about you?
As a new PhD, the representative of a university laboratory, or head of development in a company, your innovative capabilities are what fuels our industry.

Put your expertise forward and present your work methods by participating in the next session.