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To address the various mobility needs, composite materials have contributed for more than 50 years already to the development of vehicles, making many things possible in terms of design, durability, and light weighting.

Today, composite materials bring new benefits and applications that are becoming even more relevant in the context of an increasingly diverse and fast-evolving mobility.

The development of new fuels and energies is also a new application sector for composite materials, as they offer key benefits, particularly for the battery pack housing and integration in EVs and PHEVs, as well as for the production of the onboard storage tanks of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

The various types of technologies, from thermoplastics to thermosets, from glass fiber to carbon fiber and with the added value of high tech simulation, optimization and production techniques, composites are offering a broad arena of applications. The mostly considered benefits and applications are:

  • Lightweighting
  • Design Freedrom, Aesthetics & Flexibility
  • Resistance & Resilience
  • Strength & Stiffness
  • Part count Reduction & Functions Integration
  • Hybridization & bonding with other materials
  • Fuel Storage of Hydrogen - & LPG - powered vehicles
  • Battery Housing & Integration in Electric/Hybrid Vehicles
  • Connectivity Integration

Composites are more and more integrated in the automotive development, as well as in the production processes, and they play a key role in the range of materials that engineers can select while developing new vehicles and components. With new bonding techniques, allowing to combine metal and composite materials, new opportunities have opened, as they are enabling to choose the right material for the right use, making the automotive development a composition of materials and technologies, including composites.


JEC Group will showcase at major automotive motor shows, under the motto “Composites solutions for Mobility”, the various benefits composite materials are offering:

  • Presentation of composite materials and their benefits and applications on a Composites Pavilion
  • Showcase of innovations and applications presented by key players of the composites industry and their experts
  • A place to connect and exchange with the key designers and engineers of most of the automotive OEM’s


JEC Composites Pavilion at NAIAS

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Following its first pavilion at NAIAS 2019, JEC Group has again selected the highest concentration of the world's top automotive and technology executives, designers, engineers and innovators as a platform to showcase the many benefits and advantages composite materials can bring to the future of mobility.


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JEC Composites Pavilion at eMove 360°

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After Mondial.Tech in Paris, and the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, the third Composites Pavilion will take place during eMove 360° in Munich from October 15-17 2019, sharing knowledge and developing networking around E-mobility.

Such as for the first two pavilions for mobility, JEC offers major composites manufacturers the opportunity to be part of the upcoming Composites Pavilion to be held at eMove 360°.

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor of the JEC Composites Pavilion at Emove360 2019, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the Package benefits.


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JEC Composites Pavilion at Mondial Tech

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