JEC Composites Industry Circles

JEC Composites Industry Circles are a component of the JEC Group tradeshows.

The circles aim to unite decision makers in the global automotive, aerospace and construction industries around the development of composite materials in their respective sector and to provide end users with the latest information, trends and experience on composite materials from the entire value chain.

JEC Group organizes three Composites Industry Circles:

  • JEC Automotive Composites Circle
  • JEC Aerospace Composites Circle
  • JEC Construction Composites Circle



  • A 1h30 networking & conference event during the show (including keynote speeches, presentations, round table and Q&A with decision makers and leaders of the industry)
  • A guided tour of the show with top-buyers exhibitors and of the Innovation Planet dedicated to your sector
  • A Composites tour to visit the most remarkable composites companies & factories of the region (when possible)
  • Networking opportunities including VIP reception & privileged meetings with industry leaders and top buyers
  • Access to exclusive content after the event (including Innovation report and digest of the related program with key numbers of the composites industry)


Save the date for next JEC Composites Industry Circles at JEC World 2019:

  • JEC World Aerospace Composites Circle– March 12th, 15.30-17.00 (Agora Stage)
  • JEC World Automotive Composites Circle– March 13th, 9.30-11.00 (Agora Stage)
  • JEC World Construction Composites Circle– March 14th, 12.30-14.00 (Agora Stage)


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