Largest autoclave completed for Boeing 787
25 Nov 2014

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced recently that it has completed one of the largest autoclaves in the to cure composites.

24 Nov 2014
Gamesa signs new contracts with CGN and Everbright for the supply of 112 MW in China

The company has further consolidated its Chinese presence with two new supply contracts.

MIIT layout China USD 200$ billions new material industry
24 Nov 2014

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the development of new material industry with the twelfth five year plan.

Jiuhua Time officially put into operation
19 Nov 2014

Recently, Xiangtan Jiuhua Time Wind Power Co., Ltd. (Jiuhua Time) has formally put into production. This company is expected to achieve an operating income of 250 million Yuan (US$ 40.68 million) this year.

19 Nov 2014

Composite Cluster Singapore (CCS) has developed a concept that aims at manufacturing high-performance composite structures in shorter time and with significantly reduced cost.

DiPlexor combined dielectric DEA with DMA
17 Nov 2014

JEC Asia 2014 - DiPlexor the combined Dielectric (DEA) and Dynamic Mechanical Analyser (DMA). Simultaneous dieelectric- and dynamic mechanical analyses under mechanical load determine the complex dieelectric function.

Mitsubishi will strengthen the production equipment for Boeing 787 main wing
17 Nov 2014

Mitsubishi heavy industries announced recently that the company will invest 10 billions Yen (86 US$ millions) in its Nagoya aerospace system factory and its and Shimonoseki shipyard in Yamaguchi Prefecture to strengthen its Boeing 787 main production equipment for the increase of the production capacity from the year 2016.

17 Nov 2014

Recently, Rongcheng Composites Co., Ltd (Rongcheng Composites) and USA Hyperayon Technology LLC have jointly invested a total of US$ 180 million in a composite materials project in Rongcheng City, Shandong Province.

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