23 Jul 2014

You too, seize the opportunity to make a presentation covering the latest technical developments in your field of expertise, in front of an informed audience of industrials. 

12 Jul 2014

After two years of intense construction, China national wind power equipment quality inspection center first phase has successfully put into trial operation. This center is located in Yancheng High Tech Zone in Jiangsu Province.

Chinese sport Lining applied carbon fiber in the new shoes
11 Jul 2014

Lining is a Chinese famous sportswear brand known as Chinese Nike. In order to ensure the high running stability during the longitudinal motion, the Lining design team has added carbon fiber in their new products.

Republic Polytechnic offers specialist diploma in Advanced Composites
10 Jul 2014

Republic Polytechnic is the first and only polytechnic to offer the specialist diploma in Advanced Composites to support the growing needs of the composite industry.

Wind turbine blade carbon nanotubes / polymer nano composites developed
10 Jul 2014

Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) Xinjiang Institute of Physical and Chemistry Technology Research Institute  have made analysis on the feasibility and unique advantages of carbon nanotubes / polymer nanocomposites used as the materials for wind turbine blade manufacturing.

Automobile carbon fiber materials developed in China
09 Jul 2014

Arrizo 7, a new carbon fiber plug-in hybrid model has been released.

Sichuan EM and QERI are cooperating in the development of protective equipment
08 Jul 2014

Recently, Sichuan EM Technology Co., Ltd has signed a cooperation agreement with Quartermaster Equipment Research Institute of Chinese PLA General Logistics Department.

Lectra opens South Korean subsidiary
07 Jul 2014

Based in Seoul, the new subsidiary will contribute to accelerating Lectra’s development in Asia.

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