06 May 2015

At present, there are Weihai Tuozhan Fiber Co., Ltd, Hengshen Co., Ltd., Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd and other leading enterprises have the production capacity that can reach more than 20,000 tons of carbon fiber.

05 May 2015

China has a great potential for the composite materials application in automotive industry.

AVIC composite materials automatic laying machine made progress
05 May 2015

AVIC Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute (AVIC BAMTRI) has successfully developed the Chinese first industrial application grade automatic composites materials laying machine.

05 May 2015

Reflecting the developing nature of the New Zealand marine industry, the New Zealand Marine Industry Training Organisation has changed its trading name to the New Zealand Marine and Composites Industry Training Organisation.

04 May 2015

The German company will be responsible for the turn key engineering project of the T800 level carbon fiber used in aviation, automobile, civil defense.

01 May 2015

Recently, the National Textile Museum Fujian Shishi Branch began to enter the preparatory stage.

30 Apr 2015

The Chinese government has proposed to achieve graphene material mass production and scale of application in 2016.

Dieffenbacher delivers the latest plant technology in the field of composites to China
17 Apr 2015

Dieffenbacher received the order for a fully automated LFT-D plant for China.

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