26 May 2015

Recently, China Three Gorges Corporation issued a public notification. According the notification, the Three Gorges Pakistan first wind power project invested and constructed by Three Gorges has recently been completed and put into formal operation.

Japan developed carbon fiber UAV
25 May 2015

UAV with a carbon fiber external struture has been developedby the Tohoku University

Mclaren launched carbon fiber racing car in Guangzhou
22 May 2015

Recently, Mclaren Guangzhou launched its first high performance sports car with truly noteworthy conduct and independent character, including the hardtop version and convertible version.

21 May 2015

Sinofiber Technology (Sinofiber) T700 carbon fiber thousand ton project formally started construction in Changzhou High Tech District.

Hebei established Sino-Japan composites provincial key industrial zone
21 May 2015

In order to promote the landing of signed investment agreement with the Japanese composite material investors, Hebei province Hengshui city Jizhou has planned a land of about 2.5 million square meters within the provincial economic development zone for the Sino-Japan composite materials industry international park.

20 May 2015

China's first electric light sport aircraft -- Ruixiang -- RX1E has passed the type certification recently.

19 May 2015

Hitachi Rail has risen to the challenge of accommodating the differing needs of rail passengers, including ‘pedal powered’ commuters and travellers.

19 May 2015

With the approval of China large aircraft project in 2007, the research, development, design, and manufacturing of composite materials has been further pushed.

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