Sinopec Jilin carbon fiber sucker rod made breakthrough
13 Aug 2014

Dr. Cai Xiaoping is a technology expert in Jilin Petrochemical. He has led Jilin Petrochemical Fiber Factory research team carrying out the research project of "carbon fiber composite materials continuous sucker rod technology development and oilfield application test". 

12 Aug 2014

Sichuan University (SCU) has developed a kind of automotive lightweight natural gas cylinder recently exibited.

11 Aug 2014

Recently, Sunbird marketing director Guo Yan said, Sunbird will build a yacht R&D center in Zhuhai this year.

08 Aug 2014

Huadian Yunnan Jinsha River Hydropoer Co., Ltd (Huadian Jinzhong) has signed the "Ninglang County Shuicao dam wind power project" investment agreement with the Ninglang county government of Lijiang City.

FRP light hydraulic flow electricity generator put into operation in Japan
07 Aug 2014

Japan Ibaraki factory self-developed CAPPA light hydraulic flow water electricity generator has recently put into use in Fukushima prefecture.

China largest wind power installation platform completed
07 Aug 2014

Recently, "Longyuan Zhenhua # 2" 800 tons jack up wind power installation platform has been successfully completed and delivered.

06 Aug 2014

Additional production capacity in South Korea

HIT made achievements in multifunctional multiscale composite materials
05 Aug 2014

Recently, Advanced Materials published an important achievement made by Harbin Institute Technology (HIT) Astronautics College, composite material and structure research institute Professor He Xiaodong team in the study on multifunctional multiscale composite materials.

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