15 May 2015

Recently, Mitsubishi Rayon and Shinryo Co. announced that they will jointly promote the carbon fiber regeneration business.

15 May 2015

Recently, Shunfeng International Clean Energy (SFCE) announced that the Group has acquired a total of eight wind power projects. The design capacity of these wind power projects reached 723.5 MW, with an estimation of expected annual power generation of about 1,615,200 MWh.

14 May 2015

Recently, Goldwind Science & Technology 11 sets GW48 / 750 wind turbine units have started hoist installation in France.

13 May 2015

China Power Investment Corporation Shanshan Kroraina wind power first phase project has completed and connected to the power grid.

12 May 2015

Japan Gifu University Mold Innovation Technology Research Center has worked with Central Fine Tool in the joint development of resin gear that has utilized carbon fiber fabric in the material reinforcement.

11 May 2015

Recently Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd., Toray, and Toho Tenax three companies announced the dissolution news of their carbon fiber regeneration development.

11 May 2015

Recently, DIGU Building Materials Co., Ltd has introduced carbon fiber reinforced concrete technology.

07 May 2015

Recently, the China first all composites turboprop business jet has been developed independently by the AVIC China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd. (AVIC CAIGA). This type of business jet has been named as Leadair AG300 business jet.

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