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JEC Composites Magazine is the international forum for end-users and manufacturers in the composites industry. 8 times a year, discover the news along with our analyses and commentaries.


The magazine has won 2 prestigious Tabbie Awards from the US Association TABPI (Trade Association Business Publications International).



Discover JEC Composites Magazine, the world's leading composites magazine with a circulation of 36,967.


#1 - BPA June statement 2015

36,967 Total Average Qualified Circulation

21,406 Print circulation
15,561 Electronic circulation










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Composites Professionals who read the magazine testify

Jon MABBITT, Managing Director, Advanced Composites Group
Yea, the magazine I think is the leading magazine for the composites industry. I think the editorial features are particularly good, the content is very detailed and we like the special features that they have on a bi-monthly basis. So this is a really good magazine and the email newsletters are extremely good as well, supportive of the composites industry. I also like the fact that composites are not just fibre enforced composites, it’s the general plastics industry to broach a broader audience than just some of the typical markets for composites like aerospace and automotive.

Andrew MOSS, Chief Executive, Advanced Composites Group
Well, I know the magazine has become a central point for communication within the industry, and it is a magazine that is widely read and we get great publicity from the articles that are published and…there are businesses… and I know the industry as a whole sees it as a leading publication.

Claude CHOUET, Sales Manager, Matrasur
The magazine is more than a magazine, I think, it’s also a tool because it keeps us informed about everything happening in this field of the industry. Composites is a very wide industry involving automotive, aerospace and some more simple things… and it’s difficult to, to be aware of everything and so I think such a really… this magazine is so helpful in our day to day… to keep us informed about this wide subject.

Sébastien TAILLEMITE, Marketing Manager Europe, Cray Valley
So, regarding JEC magazine, for us it’s a good opportunity, as a global resin manufacturer, to communicate within the industry about innovations, new products, new solutions. And it’s also a good opportunity to be aware of other innovations from equipment manufacturers, other raw material manufacturers and also composite part makers. So it brings a lot of value to be in touch with the industry in both ways, communicate what we make and also learn what is new in the business.

Malcolm Forsyth, Sales Director, Scott Bader
The JEC magazine that we think is a good magazine, it’s got a lot of serious technical articles. We see it as a good way to promote some of our new products and also the services that we can provide to customers… who will look to improve the way that they perhaps run their processes. So we’d like to try and get at least two or three articles into the magazine, each year, promoting some of the new products that we are bringing to market.
And it’s always a valuable source of information, and news about the composites market and about developments with, perhaps, in the technology, or with other customers and other applications. So, we value the magazine and it’s a useful opportunity for us to promote our products.

Clara MENEFOGLIO, Marketing Manager, Mates
Yes we use it because there are good technical infos ...  and for this reason we have had some good adverts in the past and maybe we are thinking to make again some… may be small but very, very useful advert also.

Josef RENKL, Sales Director, Krauss Maffei
JEC magazine help us for ideas. Not directly for customers. We look at more ... getting views on the market. Help us not too much for the customers but for ideas and maybe what we can do in new fields.

Marie-Emmanuelle BELZUNG, Director, Masters of Linen
Do you use the magazine ?
Yes, and the magazine especially, the number 47, for us is a great tool as it does enhance the natural fibre and most of our network is actually involved and interviewed in the magazine. And we are looking for more cross-over promotion with JEC and I am sure in… very soon future we’ll have common projects.