The Challenging world of composites

The Challenging world of composites

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From the majestic blades of wind turbines, the honed stems of competition trimarans and the fuselages of the Airbus A350 and the Boeing B787, to the featherweight chassis of Formula 1 cars and the lotus-flower-shaped roof of the ArtScience Museum in Singapore Bay, composite solutions have invaded every advanced sector thanks to their incomparable properties.


Resistant, light and insensitive to corrosion, they are also very much present in everyday life. Glass fibre and carbon fibre are found in most forms of public transport, in the frames of tennis racquets, golf clubs, the protective covering of smartphones, crash helmets and eyewear frames.


Born in the early 1940s, these materials have become more and more sophisticated down the years. Their composition has evolved in the same way as application processes have. Throughout this time, JEC Group has supported all the actors and played an essential role as a catalyst, fostering the sharing of knowledge and exchanges and encouraging the development of new markets.


To continue to build modernity, composite mate­rials must take up new challenges and join in an approach geared towards sustainable deve­lopment. The appearance of green composites is one of the answers. Flax, hemp and bamboo fibre: as many renewable resources which open up fine prospects. JEC Group is accompanying the actors in these new challenges.


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