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Composite materials have contributed for more than 50 years to vehicle development, making many things possible in terms of design, durability, performance and lightweighting. To support the fast-evolving mobility, composite materials now provide the...
Published on: May 5, 2020
Automation is a very broad field which has many elements ranging from hardware, software and overall integration of process steps. It is a key point for the developement of composites manufacturing, and a way to ensure lower cost and better consistency of...
Published on: April 1, 2020
Wind Energy
The penetration rate of composites within the wind energy industry is up to 67% in 2018, i.e. an increase of 15 points between 2010 and 2018. The global wind energy instaleed capacity has grown at 23% p.a. since 1997, with a strong growth from China. The...
Published on: March 1, 2020
Sport & Leisure
This application sector has a double interesting potential for composite materials: in terms of market of course but also in terms of innovation. It is often easier to introduce new materials or manufacturing methods because of less...
Published on: February 1, 2020
Car manufacturers have no choice but to lighten their vehicles to meet the new CO2 emission regulations: either in the U.S. with the CAFE regulation (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) or in Europe to reach the target of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre for...
Published on: January 1, 2020
Composites materials, known for their durability, high strength, low maintenance and low weight, are used in various applications such as aerospace, automotive, wind energy, sports & leisure, construction... In a context in which waste management and...
Published on: December 1, 2019
JEC Asia 2019
For the 3rd edition, JEC Asia returns to Seoul, gathering companies from the entire composites value chain to showcase their latest capabilities and innovations to strategic end-users’ market such as automotive, aeronautics, renewable energies, building...
Published on: November 1, 2019
Thermoplastic resins market share is expanding within a growing global composites market. Automotive is seeking for new solutions for lighter vehicles and high volume production have the habit to use thermoplastics. Here are some of the latest...
Published on: October 1, 2019
Due to their high corrosion and fatigue resistance, composite materials are great candidates for marine applications.  As a result, the marine industry is one of the industries where composites were able to achieve high level of penetration very quickly,...
Published on: September 1, 2019
The use of additive manufacturing – or 3D Printing – is gaining momentum within the composites industry, whether aiding design, prototypes, tooling, mandrels, mass-customisation, direct & in-direct production, jigging and fixtures. Sectors including...
Published on: August 1, 2019
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