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Lighter, stronger, self-healing and morphing properties are but some of the features of composite materials that will appear in the coming decades. According to Deakin’s new Professor of Composite Materials, Russell Varley, the only thing holding back...
Published on: September 22, 2016
This new fair for fiber composites and lightweight design is being held for the first time in Augsburg and will present innovations, ideas, projects, start-up initiatives, and potential applications for fiber composite materials. From current applications...
Published on: September 19, 2016
This new trade fair and symposium was conceived by JEC Group in partnership with Carbon Composites e.V. Hexcel’s presence as the Official Sponsor of the Innovation Showcase, located at the heart of the show in hall 3, will provide the opportunity to meet...
Published on: September 15, 2016
On its stand will be the latest technology advanced materials and services available for manufacturing high performance composite parts, which includes: Crystic Ecogel® ‘ultra-low’ styrene content spray gelcoats rangeWith four grade options for a variety...
Published on: September 12, 2016
Fibermaq, a Brazilian company in equipment for composites molding, is presenting the Evolution gelcoat machine. The equipment has a new pistol, which is lighter and more ergonomic than the previous model. Besides, it is much more easier to perform any...
Published on: August 3, 2016
PRF Composite Materials is a leading supplier of high performance materials for the advanced composite industry. They offer the widest range of products and services in the industry, including prepregs (tooling and component), high performance...
Published on: June 11, 2014
Nagase is a technology and intelligence oriented company in the chemical field.Denatite is the brand of their epoxy resin system produced by Nagase ChemteX, which was founded as a joint venture between Nagase and CibaGeigy.
Published on: May 12, 2014
Advanced composite solutions from Dow can offer significant performance, efficient processability and cost advantages for the fabrication of strong, lightweight, and durable composites as used in construction, infrastructure, wind energy, and...
Published on: February 26, 2014
Adesso Advanced Materials has developed the epoxy resin systems Recycloset, which are designed for applications in manufacturing the next generation of sustainable fibre reinforced epoxy composites.
Published on: February 25, 2013
TCR Composites supplies prepreg tow/roving for filament winding, fabrics, unidirectional tape, braids and film adhesive, all made with epoxy resin systems.
Published on: February 24, 2011
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