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Weihan Guang Wei Composites is a manufacturer providing products as epoxy resin carbon fiber prepreg, glass fabric prepreg (including E glass fiber, S glass fiber and basalt fiber prepreg, various carbon fiber composite products, fishing rods, paints,...
Published on: February 24, 2011
Epotech Composite Corporation is a manufacturer of epoxy resin matrices for fibre composites.
Published on: February 24, 2011
This company is well known as a supplier of Nitrogen Carbon Nitrogen (NCN) based chemical. Besides serving its outstanding core business in the agricultural and nutritional market, one of its main focus in the chemical industry is the hot curing epoxy...
Published on: February 23, 2011
Aero Composites Solutions Private Limited. (ACSPL) is a processing and distribution company with advanced composites products, developing fiberglass product. ACS is also providing solutions for manufacturers by technology support, to help them to get the...
Published on: February 23, 2011
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