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B-Preg develops and produces high fiber reinforced thermoplastic (prepreg) composite materials with high mechanical and acoustic performance for lightening of the vehicles used in the transport sector.
Published on: February 13, 2018
Established in Luxembourg in 1991, Airtech Europe Sarl is a division of Airtech Advanced Materials Group, the largest manufacturer of vacuum bagging and composite tooling materials for prepreg/autoclave, resin infusion, and wet lay-up processes up to 426°...
Published on: January 11, 2017
The company is specialized in the development and construction of tailor-made machinery and equipment. They develop flexible and customized production of semifinished tape, tow and fixed prepreg materials, and also machine for on demand textile-based...
Published on: November 21, 2016
Mikrosam owns and guarantees the richest composite equipment portfolio on the market, integrating double carriage (wet and dry) filament winding, high-volume automated production of composite pressure vessels (CPVs), fully controlled impregnating...
Published on: March 18, 2016
Avangard JSC specializes in design and production of large-size products from composites (fibreglass plastic, carbon plastics, etc.). The company implements a wide range of technologies, such as: all winding types (direct fabric, planar helix,...
Published on: March 1, 2016
TB Carbon Co., Ltd was established in December 1999. Since then, it has played a leading role in domestic carbon composite materials industry with the basis of Carbon Prepreg.  TB Carbon’s R&D center for composite material began as an exclusive...
Published on: January 29, 2016
TCI (Technique Composite Industrie) designs and manufactures all types of composite parts and assemblies that include composite materials. For high-tech applications, they give priority to epoxy prepreg fabric because of its high mechanical properties....
Published on: August 1, 2014
Starfire Systems Inc. is a specialty materials company focused on Polymer-to-Ceramic technology. Its core business is synthesis of silicon-based pre-ceramic polymers that are used in polymer and ceramic matrix composite fabrication. Starfire Systems’...
Published on: August 1, 2014
With a total floor area of 360,000 square meters and a total investment of 1.2 billion RMB. Sichuan Xinwanxing Carbon Fiber Composites Co., Ltd. is a company which produce high-performance matrix, various kinds of prepregs and upscale composites. Enabled...
Published on: August 1, 2014
LEADGO-TECH SHANGHAI CO., LTDA professional supplier and manufacturer of vacuum assistant materials for resin infusion, prepreg/autoclave molding and layup molding. Shanghai Leadgo-tech is established since 1995, certified with ISO9001 and AS9100. Leadgo-...
Published on: August 1, 2014
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